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Graf Zeppelin Newsreel

Published 1938
Topics Newsreel.

This German propaganda newsreel was part of a a U.S. Navy archive compiled during WWII. This film celebrates the launching of Germany's new navy, including the super battleship Bismarck in 1939 and a never-completed aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin in 1938. Grand Admiral Erich Raeder and Adolph Hitler can be seen at the christening of Graf Zeppelin at Kiel. Also featured in this newsreel is footage of the construction of U-boats and the launch of a completed boat.

Run time 2 minutes 49 seconds
Producer German Schmalfilm
Audio/Visual silent, black and white
Language German


Reviewer: HaywardM - - April 18, 2013
Subject: Horribly Compromised
Besides totally against the nature of the Archive.... this is only here to sell product.... but not just not reduced res but to the level that at real size 320x200 almost unwatchable not to mention the offensive and intentional time code ID block just really annoyingly into image rather than at bottom.

There intent is to sell...but they turn me of so much I will never even look.